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The Empty City


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Lucky is the main character of the series. He is said to be a golden Sheltie-Labrador mix with chocolatey brown eyes and wiry fur. Lucky is a lone dog that had never wished to be apart of a pack, due to his strong will to be a free dog. He uses his keen instincts to get by in the harmful time upon the streets. The Big Growl soon occures, and the earth is stripped open; The Trap House being destroyed in its wake and the aftermath leaving the city desolate of humans. Desperate for food, Lucky searches all places for anything that will help him to survive, finally, with empty paws, he comes to his last resort, the mall.

There, Lucky encounters his old friend, Hunting Dog, who is a old mutt with a great sense for survival. After saving him from being electrocuted, he gets rewarded with a hunk of meat, which attracts foxes. A pack--or what seems to be a pack-- headed by a dog who looks strangely like Lucky, chases and scares them off. Lucky then learns the name of the dog, Bella.

Lucky learns that Bella is is long lost litter mate, whom he was seperated when they were pups


Lucky is a sheltie retriever mix with a gold-and-white thick pelt. He is known to be cunning and resourceful with a knack for survival